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    Cell Activator

    Cell Activator contains B vitamins to help unlock the energy in foods.

    Fibre and Herb

    Fibre and Herb tablets contribute to your dietary fibre intake.

    Complete your Core Nutrition range with Fibre & Herb tablets. Fibre is the most important dietary factor for helping to maintain normal gastrointestinal function*, which is why adults are recommended to consume 25 g fibre per day**. However, most people do not meet their daily fibre needs. Research shows 72 % men and 87 % women do not reach the recommendation of 25 g fibre per day***. If your current fibre intake is low, increase fibre consumption gradually and drink plenty of water.

    Formula 1 Express Bar

    Formula 1 Express Bar
    Stick to your eating plan on the go

    The Herbalife Formula 1 Express Bar is tasty and convenient ideal for busy lifestyles when you need a snack on the go.

    With the same nutritional goodness of a Herbalife Formula 1 Shake the Formula 1 bar includes high levels of protein and fibre and contains essential vitamins and minerals.

    It is also free from artificial preservatives and suitable for lacto vegetarian.

    Available in two delicious flavours!

    Formula 1 Free From Vanilla

    Formula 1 free From Soya, Lactose and Gluten, is a delicious shake mix that provides protein and nutrients. This shake provides the same benefits as the original Formula 1 Shake, but allows you to make a shake without soya, lactose or gluten (see direction for use).

    Formula 1 Raspberry and Blueberry

    Introducing the F1 Raspberry & Blueberry – a delicious and convenient shake that provides protein, fibre, essential nutrients and added botanicals and herbs. Formula 1 Raspberry & Blueberry is also a multi-vitamin source, with each portion, prepared as indicated, containing at least a third of your nutrient reference values of 23 vitamins and minerals.

    Formula 1 Shake

    Formula 1 is a delicious shake that provides protein and key nutrients.

    Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder

    An easy way to boost your protein intake.

    Gourmet Tomato Soup

    Ready in seconds, this nutritious instant snack is deliciously flavoured with Mediterranean herbs, and
    provides 8 times the protein of regular tomato soup*.

    Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink

    A tasty and kilojoule controlled drink, to help you stay
    hydrated. Simply add it to water for a healthier alternative to high-kilojoule, sugary soft drinks.

    Instant Herbal Beverage

    Wake up to a refreshing herbal drink, containing 85 mg caffeine to help increase alertness whenever you need it. Low in kilojoules and infused with green and black tea, it is delicious enjoyed hot or cold.

    Protein Bars

    Delicious high protein snack, a perfect treat for a sweet tooth.

    Protein Drink Mix

    A great way to boost your protein. PDM can be consumed in two delicious ways. Prepare it as a tasty, kilojoule controlled high protein snack, or add it to your favourite shake*, for an indulgent, rich, creamy drink.