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  • Our comprehensive health assessment (CHA) is a necessity to knowing your health status and without this information it’s impossible to treat and prescribe accordingly.
  • Assessments include: lung function, cholesterol, glucose, resting and active blood pressure, VO2 max testing, hydration levels, waists to hip ratio, body fat %, fat mass, fat-free mass, basal metabolic rate, functional movement screening, a postural assessment and girth measurements. All assessments are performed by our in-house Biokineticist.
  • LEA (life energy assessment) is to test whether a client is heading towards burnout or experiencing burnout. Dr Ela Manga, our in-house medical doctor and stress management specialist, will interpret and assist with these cases.
  • Part of the CHA1 is a 1-hour consultation with our in-house dietitian.
  • Results are then loaded onto your online Personal Profile and stored in the cloud for your access and for comparison purposes. If you are with a Professional Trainer, your results will also be discussed with and sent to them. They will then be able to tailor make an exercise regime specifically for your needs based on the assessment results. Frequencies of follow up assessments are established following your initial results. An added benefit is that all assessments can be claimed back from your medical aid.


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Follow up is key to successfully managing Your Journey. Once your initial assessment results are loaded on your online Member profile, constant assessment is key to monitoring your progress. With follow-up assessments being booked in advance according to your needs, our team will be able to constantly measure and track your results and identify potential problem areas. Being able to access and view your results through your online profile will also motivate you as a client even further, allowing you to stay focused on the longevity and sustainability of a healthy body and mind

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Vitality Fitness Assessment

On an active Vitality membership, you can go for the Vitality Fitness Assessment. You can earn Vitality points for this assessment.

Multiply Health Assessment

On an active Multiply membership, you can go for the Multiply Fitness Assessment. You can earn Multiply points for this assessment.

Comprehensive Health Assessments

The Comprehensive Health Assessment table will assist you in understanding the various CHA assessment measures, frequency and cost.